Secondary School                                    Essay and Art Competition

Entry Forms can be accessed here.


Rules & Guidelines


Form 3

Art Theme: The History of the Oil and Gas Industry of Trinidad and Tobago

Requirements for participation: 

1. Participants must be citizens of Trinidad & Tobago who are currently enrolled in a Secondary School.

2. Participants must be currently in Form 3 and not involved in commercial sales of artwork.

3. The work must be original and not a duplication of existing work.

4.Each participant must submit either one drawing or painting by May 1, 2020

5.Submissions have to be accompanied by a brief description as a  pdf file.


Forms 4-6

Essay Topics

Forms 4 and 5: The Future of the Oil and Gas Industry in Trinidad and Tobago 

Form 6: Decarbonisation and Sustainability in Trinidad and Tobago: A way Forward

Requirements for participation:

1. Participants are submit essays with the subject of the email as the respective topic and form. 

2. The essay shall be no longer than 3000 words, footnotes included. Papers shorter than 500 words are not encouraged. 

3. Original essays will be considered for the competition. Previously published essays are therefore excluded. Any form of plagiarism will result in the disqualification of the essay.

4. The cover of the submissions should include the name of the participant, address, email address, contact number and the  name of school. 

5. The title of the document shall be superscribed on the external cover envelope.

Format Requirement

  • Typed on a A4 size electronic page

  • Font size shall be 12 points, 1.5 font spacing

  • Margins of 2.54 cm on top, bottom and both sides

  • Late entries will NOT be accepted.

All submissions are to be sent by May 1, 2020 electronically to:

For more info, please contact us at or at 350-6935